Posted by: Taylor Hoff | March 5, 2009

The Coffeetastrophe

Coffee cups. Are they resilient enough?

Census says no, as conducted by my faithful DK79 backpack.

Were it a stronger, younger, more resilient backpack, I’d have washed it out in the machine and been on my way. But these are changing times. There’s a new president, a new chapter in my life, and my eighteenth birthday coming up.

It’s time for a new backpack.

Any suggestions, comments, or ideas would be much appreciated. I’m looking into laptops and studying methods, so those are also welcome inputs.

PS: Let me know how you like the new blog! I’m pretty stoked about the layout. There’s some crisper ones out there too, so if you think this one is too hard to read, flashy, etc; let me know!


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