Posted by: Taylor Hoff | May 1, 2009

The Tesla Roadster

I’m going to type three words, and I want you to think about whether they belong together.

Fast, Powerful, Electric.

Sounds funny, huh?

Behold, ladies and gentlemen: The Tesla Roadster.

It’s got a 248 HP engine, and it doesn’t sip a DROP of gas. Electric engines really are the future, forget all the environmental mumbo jumbo you’ve been fed. This sports car has a 220 mile range and charges completely in 3.5 hours. Oh, did I also mention it has an acceleration of 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds? Electric engines are the future of cars. They’re less complex, have more power and torque, and they run quiet and clean. The disadvantage of travelling more than 220 miles in your car without a charging station could be offset by a company run by Shai Agassi, an Israeli entrepreneur with a penchant for getting things done. His contribution? A plan to make electric cars viable in the American lifestyle. He wants to create a network of battery changing & charging stations across the US that are as frequent as gas pumps. In this way, you could feasibly drive your electric car for 200+ miles and then swap out the battery in a manner of minutes and be on your way. Granted, this is all future technology, but if the car exists the network can’t be far behind. His company is called Better Place, check it out.

Whether we are coming from an environmental, performance, or national security angle, the electric engine is beginning to show its merits. Someday I’d like to drive a car made by Tesla, probably a cheaper one.

And that’s the “Extolling the Virtue of…” this month. Stay tuned, I’m beginning to love writing these!


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