Posted by: Taylor Hoff | June 24, 2009

A Digital Dying Breath

This is a remarkable concept about electronics in general. We always find ways of cramming one more functionality into a device that already helps us so much, and yet each addition we make seems so simple. Maybe this is because as our systems become more and more complex, we find concepts that were once impossible to be relatively within reach. Interesting, no? -TDH

A Digital Dying Breath

By: Jan Chipchase


A lovely design detail on Amazon’s Kindle is the your battery needs charging notification that appears when the battery is gone. The persistent nature of the bi-stable display means the notification will still be there in a month’s time.

For every electronic device without power, an opportunity to deliver a message with that last dying breath. (or at least until charged). And with a slightly more prosaic but no less useful edge – if you had to take one piece of information out of your phone/device before it died what would it be?


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