Posted by: Taylor Hoff | September 23, 2009

College Is Also A Time Sink

Apologies for the delay, but my MicroBio Test called for every waking minute of my attention, thankfully I’m pretty sure I did well. It’s about 46 degrees here in Boulder, and it’s raining. The change of climate is nice, but DANG is it cold. I’m not used to the shift quite yet, and my bike brakes are metal, so every time I have to brake I get a taste of the cold steel. Mmmm, chilly.

On a side note, my laptop makes me about as happy as I’ve ever been. I keep all my assignments on it, I take my quizzes on it, and I take notes with it. They gave us last year’s MicroBio test and a key, and they sent it by PDF. While everyone else was printing off about 40 sheets of paper, I just flipped my laptop into tablet mode and started taking the test. The feeling is euphoric, like suddenly I’ve been freed of the constraints of a desktop. I’ve got about 6 hours of battery (tested), and It’s been a dream to write papers on. IBM makes keyboards as if they had been doing it since the computer was invented! (wait…) So in any case, look forward to the X200 Tablet gracing the “Extolling the Virtues of…” Section sometime soon. I’ve got a new post going up today about the double-plus good new color coding system, and I’ll be keeping up with my posts as much as I can. It’s a great way to get my feelings out there and build on my writing skills.

Stay safe!




  1. I am glad the test went well!

    Don’t expect much sympathy from the Minnesota crowd! It has been over 100 degrees for the past three days here, so it’s a different complaint. DONT LET MY GRAPES SHRIVEL!!!


  2. 46 and rainy will sound good in a few weeks but not as good as Napa I’m afraid.

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