Posted by: Taylor Hoff | September 28, 2009

Supermarkets > Dining Halls

Well, today was a great day. I woke up at the early “crack of dawn” hour of 9:30 am (college towns on Sunday mornings are hauntingly devoid of foot traffic), ate a hearty dining hall breakfast, and went about my sunday errands. One of these was to get cream and sugar for my morning coffee. I cycled down to my local Whole Foods, locked my bike, and walked through the sliding glass doors, wholly unprepared for the bounty that an Organic, Local, & Fresh supermarket in a hippy town could behold. The scents, the colors, the sounds! I haven’t experienced such euphoria since I became the proud owner of a translucent Nintendo 64 replete with Golden Zelda cartridge in Naples, Florida, 200x . I couldn’t bear the knowledge that my frugal college budget could not sustain the kind of shopping binge I wanted to partake in! Cases of fresh meats and seafood, rows of fruits and vegetables! Aisles of honeys, sweetners, sugars, and teas! The hangar steak looked so succulent I’d have bought it right there and then had I not realized that I have no way to cook it, save the dorm microwave in all its discriminating easy mac glory. I did, however, have enough money for a Golden Delicious apple that dwarfed the size and taste of any apple that the Dining Hall could provide, as well as a small bottle of local wildflower honey and turbinado sugar packets for my coffee. (Oh, and also a carton of WHOLE MILK! The glorious taste of which I almost forgot!) With my bounty safely bungieed to the back of my bike, I rode back to my dorm, knowing full well that my mornings from now until the milk runs out would be glorious.
And at that point I realized…

I miss my mom & dad’s cooking. =(



  1. Just read your post this morning as I’m enjoying my morning cup of jo… made me go aaahhh – so nice to hear you miss dining with us. I’m glad to hear you can find a bit of home when you visit Whole Foods : ) It makes my heart happy, come to think of it your bike ride there makes yours happy too. We miss you tons sweetheart and think of you every evening we eat together. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weekends for homecoming in St. Helena.
    Love you tons! – Mom

    PS – Watch for your next weekly box, your BBY game is in it… now if I can keep VooDoo out of it I can send it to you. Silly cat – he misses you too. xoxox

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