Posted by: Taylor Hoff | July 15, 2010

A Stark Contrast

There is a subtlety to the typewriter that I feel has been lost in the constant push towards a better and more efficient future. While the computer and it’s word-processor are vital in today’s world, it seems that the connection to the words being written is distanced somewhat. There is no doubt in my mind that for the very short time I had to work on a friend’s typewriter, I have gained a bit more skill in typing and a better appreciation for the advantages conferred upon us in the 21st Century. Typewriters combine the efficiency of the QWERTY keyboard with the permanence of ink on paper. Flaws are revealed, as well as character. The words have more meaning and reflect more upon a person than they do in the digital world, where everyone can have perfect spelling if they so choose. It makes those who misspell words in the digital world look remarkably stupid. I’d like to pick one of these up someday, to write letters with. My penmanship is atrocious, a casualty of the digital age (or perhaps a lack of practice, which I find is cyclical).


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