Posted by: Taylor Hoff | August 18, 2010

Yay Congress?

The FCC and Congress are warning Google and Verizon not to create a “paid lane” Internet. This comes just as a consumer report exposes that no ISP has ever been able to deliver their promised speeds. Fancy that. For once I’m actually happy that Congress is doing something about this. Though it seems socialistic as hell: “A vested financial interest” is no reason to regulate a market, but on the other hand I can see no other way of keeping these companies honest about their policies towards consumer rights. 
The irony of this 180 since my last post is not lost on me however… Now all we need is for the federal government to pull their heads out of their collective arses and move past the whole prop 8 overturning thing. There are more important issues at hand than playing with states rights on the legality of LGBT civil unions. Like the deficit, or the infrastructure, or… Oh, I don’t know, the war?

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-Taylor Hoff


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