Posted by: Taylor Hoff | October 20, 2010

SMBC – Technological Progress

Is the impetus to improve due to necessity, as we’ve always thought, or is it this?

The latter seems to be more of a common situation in my generation, where a version of everything has either been done or is about to happen. Video conferencing inter-continentally, for free? (So 2005.) Shooting a target with 5 artillery rounds at once, miles away? (So 1998.) First completely artificial single celled organism? (So March, 2010.) There is an example of almost everything in any sci-fi that has been done in real life already: we’ve already teleported a particle 10 miles! Even though we’ll all be continually discovering and accomplishing more, it’s still funny to see people frustrated with immense tasks that seem to be trivial in this day and age. Next time your call drops, think about the distances and equipment involved to make your cell phone possible, 85% of the time.

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