Posted by: Taylor Hoff | December 29, 2010

IP – The Internet’s Alamo

The Hazards of Nerd Supremacy: The Case of WikiLeaks

Anonymous Wikileakers attacked anonymous drone operators, sniping from snug perches in front of computer screens. Wikileaks published the names of Afghans who were put at risk, potentially becoming collateral damage.

An excellent article about the double standards of wikileaks as an organization. If you view information as something to be made completely free, there will be an equal and opposite reaction by what was a (mostly) open government. The hacker ideology that transparency is right in a just world is quickly becoming bunk, as we all begin to learn that information can be as damning as it can be damaging. 

The wild west of the Internet just made it’s Alamo. How long will it hold out, I wonder?

via Instapaper,

-Taylor Hoff


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