Posted by: Taylor Hoff | February 10, 2011

BusinessWeek – The Problem with Passwords

The Problem with Passwords

They’re annoying to remember, insecure, and costly for companies

Most-used passwords: 123456, password, 12345678, qwerty, abc123

Time it takes a hacker’s computer to randomly guess your password:

Length: 6 characters
Lowercase: 10 minutes
+ Uppercase: 10 hours
+ Nos. & Symbols: 18 days

Length: 7 characters
Lowercase: 4 hours
+ Uppercase: 23 days
+ Nos. & Symbols: 4 years

Length: 8 characters
Lowercase: 4 days
+ Uppercase: 3 years
+ Nos. & Symbols: 463 years

Length: 9 characters
Lowercase: 4 months
+ Uppercase: 178 years
+ Nos. & Symbols: 44,530 years

Average amount it costs a business to field a phone call requesting a password reset: $10
Proportion of help desk calls that are password-related: 30%
Users who choose a common word or simple key combination for a password: 50%

Data: Gartner, Forrester, Duo Security, Imperva, LastBit Software

I switched over to KeePass to circumvent this password problem. It’s an encrypted file that stores your passwords and login info, and at the press of a few keystrokes (that you can customize) it will automatically fill in your info and hit enter. It’s a pretty slick solution that helps you can randomize those passwords so you can get them into the 44k year bruteforcing range. It’s pretty slick, check it out at <a href="</p&gt;


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