Posted by: Taylor Hoff | June 20, 2011

Inadvertent Monetary Conversions

One of my favorite comics is [PennyArcade](, which is made by a duo. The writer, whose pseudonym is “Tycho”, made an excellent post to accompany today’s strip, which goes something like this:

>People are constantly trying to figure out what kind of “hat” LulzSec is wearing, specifically the >color of this hat, which is a waste of time. For one thing, LulzSec has no head. For another >thing, thinking of it as a group or an individual with agency is a fool’s errand. It’s a natural >“force,” like erosion. And I don’t want any Goddamn part of it. Plus, now they’re going to lap >gently at the base of our government institutions until such time as our democracies are >reduced to a granular, wholly uniform beach.  It’s the sort of thing that makes one stockpile >seeds.
>Like the electronic smash and grab at Sony, I think the endgame here is better security at the >places we trust with our data. It’s been an education for me, to be sure: custom passwords >everywhere, now, 2-step where available, and when I need a new password I let my daughter >go fucking crazy nuts on the keyboard. And then I say who’s my little hash function? Who is >it? She knows who.
>That doesn’t mean no turbulence. In fact, apparently it means more turbulence, because even >after hackers kicked off a month long outage at one of the most powerful companies in the >world, it still wasn’t enough to change policy. I want you to think about that future, the one we >want to live in. Hopefully it will be some comfort while you are looking over your transaction >history, trying to figure out exactly how much of your hard earned savings have been >converted into dildos.


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